About Karolina M.

Hello mum and dads,

my name is Karolina and I'm 24 years old.

I was living and working in USA as an AuPair for two years. I met so many nice people, found amazing friends, visited many beautiful places. I became more independent and self-contained. Also I got opportunity to know American way of life and different cultures. It wasn't always easy. I was happy, sad, laughing, crying.. I was just everything, but anyway I'm still so thankful I could get this experience, because I found out what I want from my life. Every day I missed my family, my friends, or just someone else. But I know people you love, they'll be still here for you no matter any distance.

During my first year I took care about one little sweet girl. She has become my third sister and no one can imagine how hard it was for me to left her. We spent a lot of time outside for example in parks, zoo, playgrounds, or just in our backyard. She loved jumping on the trampoline, reading books, coloring, driving her pink car, making art, etc. Also she had small pink house where we enjoyed our tea time every day. In the summer I took her to the pool.

Even it was the best year of my life I decided to extend my second year in California and explore other parts of USA. In California I took care about 3 kids 1, 3, and 5 years old. It was quite harder but I was enjoying every minute there. My duties were similar- playing, cooking, deriving, organizing or tiding.

Back home I was working as a leader in kids camp during the summer or helping in the kids club for many years where I was a member too. Lots of experience gave me also having 3 younger siblings, and helping my mum looking after them. Now I work occasionally for different families in Prague and I would be happy to help you with your little ones too.