About Matěj

Hi everyone,

My name is Matt and I adore music and art. I study Teaching for primary school pupils at Charles University.

I play the guitar and piano a little bit. In addition to music I am also really interested in cinematography, especially I like animation and cartoons.

Among my favorites are The Tale of Tales (by Y. Norstein), Princess Mononoke (by H. Miyazaki), SpongeBob SquarePants (by S. Hillenburg), Hey Mister! Let's play! (by B. Pojar) and Little Mole (by Z. Miler).

Me and my little brother love to watch movies and cartoons, as well as craft paper puppets out of sticks and the aforementioned.

We constantly draw and create together; the creative spirit of children is mesmerizing.

I've recently visited the active listening in Vísky Primary School. Specifically, math and music classes. I had so much fun in the music class! We've played The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky on tambourines, rhythm sticks, cymbals, drums and triangles and it was awesome!

I like to goof around, yet I can remain serious if the circumstances ask for it. 

I take pride in aid, so I do everything with caution, to preserve the child's safety.

Can't wait to meet you!