About Nikola

Dear parents,

My name is Nikola and I am 28 years old.
I have an office job in the day now but I like to go spending some nice time with children in my free time. I am with Susie since 2017, and gained lots of experience babysitting since then. I also care a lot about my little siblings. They are 2 months, 3 years and 8 years old now.
I try to prepare programs of diverse character for children, proportional to their age and abilities and of course I give children space for their own ideas and games and participate in these games and ideas too. For me, playing with children is relaxing and charge me with positive energy.

I am a vibrant soul interested in yoga, surfing and traveling. I spice up my city life with culture - movies, theaters, exhibitions, and concerts. However, wandering in nature is still my favorite.