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Frequently asked questions

Is there a minimum booking fee?

Yes. The minimum booking is always for 3 hours.

How do I pay?

By cash on the end of the evening to the babysitter, or you can also pay by bank transfer (I also have PayPal) but this has to be at least 1 day in advance. Unfortunately we don't have a facility to accept credit and debit cards.

Will I have to pay a taxi for the babysitter?

If the babysitter leaves your place after 22:00, we kindly ask to pay the taxi (or Uber etc.) or to drive her to her home, unless she has own car (at that point we will charge your for the cost of petrol used).
Also - if you live quite far from Prague city centre, I may ask you to pay for some travel time compensation.

Do you offer any discount for whole night babysitting?

Yes. If the babysitter is booked for whole night and she has some option to sleep there too, there is a set price of 1200 Kc for the time  between 21:00 - 07;00. Hours outside of this time are charded as usual hourly rate.

Prices per hour

Babysitting (per hour)

Babysitting in child's home or hotels or rented apartment (such as Airbnb), accompanying child outside to different places such as doctor's visits etc. (1 child)

250 CZK

Extra charge for each additional child

Additional hourly charge for each additional child

+ 30 CZK

Childminding at Susie's home (at Prague 4)

Babysitting which takes place in Susie's home

200  CZK

Taxi fare

If the babsitter leaves after 22:00, we kindly ask that you pay the taxi cost  (unless she has own car)

Depending on distance, maximum 300 CZK

Petrol cost per km

If babysitter comes to your home by own car, this amount is charged to compensate used pertrol cost. (calculated only one way).

10 Kč

Discounted whole-night care*

(21:00 - 07:00, hours outside this time are charged as above)

Note: If you need the babysitter to stay the whole night, I can offer discounted set price for the time between 21:00 - 07:00, valid if you can offer any kind of place where babysitter can sleep - e.g. sofa bed, inflatable bed, etc.

Hours outside this time are to be charged as usual,

set price of 120

Minimum charge

Meaning, even if you need just 1 or 2 hours, you will be still charged for 3 hours.

3 hours




price per one visit.

Pet care

Includes feeding, walking or playing with the pet for 1 hour and cleaning up his toilet if needed (for eg. cat litter]

300 CZK



Wedding kids corners

Please contact me for individual price offer.


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