About Adela

I am excited to be a part of Susie's babysitting team and am excited to work with new families! During the summer 2023 I will be living in Černošice as my parents have a house there but when I babysit I can also stay at Prague 8 as my grandparents have a place there so I am fairly flexible. 

Hello parents!

My name is Adéla Kovářová and I am originally from the Czech Republic. I am currently a bachelor's student at a university in Tallahassee, Florida (USA) where I am studying Psychology and will eventually specialize in child psychology. Currently I am spending my summer in Prague and I am open for babysitting again :).

Over the course of my life, I lived across 3 continents, 2 years in North America, 7 years in Europe, and 11 in the Middle East. My wide exposure to numerous cultures enables me to connect and deeper understand children from around the world. I speak fluent Czech, and English and am a beginner in Spanish.

Growing up as the eldest child I had to learn how to take care of my younger siblings/cousins starting at a young age. This is when I realized my passion for caregiving and continued babysitting in high school. I have also taken a couple of courses about child care and child psychology at university. While I may not have a specific degree in pedagogy, I have a strong interest in how children operate and the proper care a child should receive.

For the past couple of years, I have worked with families where I was responsible for tutoring/helping with school work, preparing food, playing and being there as they go to bed. I am a passionate sportsperson so when taking care of children I always enjoy playing games or going outside and exploring nature.

I can assure you that communication and respect are my top priorities and I will make sure that both of those qualities will be apparent to both the children and parents from the beginning.