About Dona

Dear parents,

My name is Dona, I’m a 23 year-old student of International relations at Metropolitan University Prague. I was born in my motherland Uzbekistan but have been living in the Czech Republic for 10 years now and speak Czech fluently, as well as English and other languages.

I started my experience by babysitting with my nephew (in the photo) and my niece who has Down syndrome, before coming to Susie's. 

Since joining her team I have had an assignment with one family long-term, caring about two girls (2 and 5 year olds), and also babysat for many families on an ad-hoc basis, looking after children from 1,5 year up.

But I also helped at two corporate babysitting events and one private birthday party (for 8 years old girls) which taught me also different level of improvising. 

I’d like to describe myself as someone who is simply good at building a relationship with children or people in general and can easily get on with the little ones. I’m a very creative person and love having fun with craft tools. I also love to cook and dance to my favorite songs. I consider myself to a patient and understanding.

Since I enjoy being around children, because they bring so much joy, I want to be closer to them. Looking after them and taking care of them are great opportunities to get to know more about children through spending some time together.

I speak Czech, Russian, English, and Uzbek fluently and I have a basic command of German.

I’m looking forward to meeting your family.