Our booking system 

on Reservio portal 👇

On Reservio, you can book our babysitters for the date and time you want her to come, and this booking is confirmed instantly (the availability of the babysitters there is updated). 

But not all babysitters agreed to put their instant availability there,  so in case you won't find there the amount of hours or an available date and time you are looking for, please come back to our inquiry page and fill the form there. 

Read here if you need help with  Reservio bookings: 

1) Choose the level of experience of the babysitter (Junior, Regular or Senior Babysitter)

  • The price you will see next to each service is the cost of the service per hour and at the same time, this is the price of the reservation fee paid to Susie's agency.

2) Choose the planned length of babysitting 

  • You can put just the estimate, as you will be able to adjust the time with the babysitter later (subject to her availability), however
  • The minimum booking is always for 3 hours!

3) If wanted, choose your wanted babysitter:

  • you can choose a specific babysitter by name (click on the drop-down menu: "Zaměstnanci"="Staff"), 
  • but if you skip this step, the system will choose any available babysitter for you randomly.

4) Choose a date & time, when you want the babysitter to come!

  • You can also specify the expected length of wanted time in the last step, by typing it in the note.

5) Answer all of the required questions asked in the note field!

6) Pay the booking reservation fee 

  • You will receive an instant confirmation to your email right after the booking.

7) Enjoy your time off from your children and rest assured your children will be in safe hands! 

Cancelation Policy:

Cancelations are subject to the following cancelations fees if they are canceled less then: 

  • more than 3 days prior to booked date = FREE

  • less than 3 days but more than 48 hours = 350 Kč

  • less than 48 hours but more than 24 hour= 700 Kč
  • less than 24 hours =  The full price of the original booking