Occasional & One-time Babysitting

Private childcare in YOUR HOME any time

We understand the importance of finding a trustworthy babysitter as an expat living in a foreign country. 

That's why Susie searches and selects only the most reliable, capable and loving babysitters to ensure you feel comfortable leaving your children in our care.

We offer Multilanguage babysitters with worldwide cultural understanding. All Susie's babysitters have to pass through our careful selection and screening process, are personally interviewed and then regularly reviewed and monitored by Susie's team.
  • Susie's is managed by a former Preschool teacher, Nanny, Babysitter, and current mum of two preschool kids. Get to know Susie more!
  • See how many parents have already been happy with our service and search Susie's Babysitting reviews online or look here
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Prices list

of IN-HOME Childcare

The price is combined by hourly rate for the babysitters and Susie's booking fee (the booking fee is equal to 1 hour of the babysitting rate)

Hourly price:

*The minimum booking is for 3 hours! **Price is per one child. Please check the surcharges below where applicable.

Junior Babysitters 

+ Susie's agency fee (250 Kč) 

250 Kč/h

Regular Babysitters

 + Susie's agency fee (300 Kč)

300 Kč/h

Senior Babysitters

+ Susie's agency fee (350 Kč) 

350 Kč/h

Maternity Nannies and Nurses for newborn babies

+ Susie's agency fee (400 Kč) 

400 Kč/h

Surcharges for more than one child:

*One babysitter can look after max 2 babies (or toddlers) or up to 4 children if they are 3 years old or older!

Additional child aged 3+

for children older than 3 years

25 Kč/h

per each additional child

Additional baby/ toddler 

for babies and toddlers up to 35 months old

50 Kč/h

per each additional child

Susie's agency fee

Within our fee, you have also the assurance that if your booked babysitter falls sick, we will almost always be able to find you a replacement.

Standard agency fee

Per booking, (the price is always equal to one hour of the babysitting costs)

250 - 390

Last-minute booking fee

An express booking fee for bookings made less than 24 hours prior to the babysitting

490 Kč

Other extra charges


Taxifare (after 22:00)

We kindly ask if you could contribute toward the save journey of the babysitter home, if she is departing late in the evening

max 300 Kč

Babysitting outside of Prague city



If you need whole-night childcare, check out the set prices of Night Nanny!

Cancelation Charges:

Cancellations made

    • more than 3 days prior to booked date = FREE
    • less than 3 days but more than 48 hours = 350 CZK 
    • less than 48 hours but more than 24 hours = 700 CZK
    • less than 24 hours = The full price of the original booking

I cannot recommend Susie's in-home babysitting enough!! I'm so glad people left positive reviews, so I feel compelled to do the same to help others. Susie does background checks and keeps profiles of her babysitters on her website. Our babysitter, Diana, was so professional, but also very warm and kind. She instantly connected with our toddler and sent me updates throughout the evening. The process was seamless and we will definitely use Susie's services again!

C. Kopus

Mum of a toddler, Ex-pat living in Prague

Susie is a breath of fresh air. I gave her less than 24 hours' notice and she showed up right on time. She jumped through hoops just to make it happen and showed up to watch my 2-year-old for less than 2 hours while I was in the dentist's chair. If you are fed with the cold and rude mindset of others here you will Love Susie. As an American who is demanding when it comes to my boys, Susie was above and beyond my requirements and expectations. Thank you, Susie, you helped me when I needed it most. Shalom.


Dad of a toddler, US Ex-pat living in Prague

When we were just 3 weeks living in foreign country I found Susie's Babysitting service while I was looking for a babysitter. Because its professional service and really reliable babysitter, we continue using the service again and again throughout our 3 years there. We love the service and most importantly our kids love them.."

Nurmiza Zakaria

Mum of 3 children, Ambassador from Malaysia living in Prague

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