About Eliška

Hello dear parents,

my name is Eliška and I am 20, almost 21 years old.

I am Czech, speaking also intermidiate English and French. 

I am a university student (ČVUT) and I babysitting children is for me nit just a job but mostly a hobby.

I am the eldest from 3 children (my brother si 4 years younger and my sister 10 years younger than me) so since I was little, I have been put in the position of "bug sister" and the one who was responsible and caring for others 😀.

When I was 16, I started to babysit my niece (Susie's daughter) who 1 year old at that time.  I regularly help Susie since then with her daughter as well as her son (now aged 5 and 3) and got practice with her not just about "entertaing" the children and playing with them, but also being able to do the whole afternoon+evening routine, meaning I can cook, feed, bath the kids and put them in bed to sleep. 

When Susie comes home in the evening, she is always happy to find the kids sleeping:-)).

Since I was 18, Susies has let me babysit also for her clients in Prague and since then I had experiences in babysitting children of various cultures, languages and ages, including babies from 9 months old. 

For few months I also babysat regularly one toddle girl (since she was 18 months old).

Currently I am open to babysit both regularly or occasionally in the times when I am free from my university.

I live at Prague - Zličín, and ideally I would like to find a family for regular babysitting close to that area.

My hobbies are rock climbing, drawing and painting and art in general (I previously studied at art focused gymnasium).

I am looking forward to meeting you.