About Sabina

Hello parents, 

I would like to introduce myself to you.
I really like to spend time with children and this is why I decided work in schools as a teacher assistant. I have recently finished my training in a special pedagogy and preschool practice. 

I used to had a nanny as a child myself and this experience allows me to emphasize easier with children in my care, because I can imagine how they may feel when being introduced to a new babysitter from personal  experience.

I am currently working as a Teacher's assistant in a preschool  with children over 3 years old and previously I aslo worked with school aged children.
But I have some experience with private babysitting for toddlers who were from 1 to 2,5 years old and I really enjoyed this experience working with theses youngest children.

I would be happy to learn how to care for even younger babies, if you show me. I am a fast learner and I take the job of looking after children seriously.

My creativity always help me to come up with some kind of entertaining program, so the children with me are not bored.

I am looking forward to meeting you,