About Teresa Soares

Hello all!

I'm Teresa Soares, 23 years young and hailing from the beautiful Portugal. I'm all about languages, speaking Portuguese and English fluently, and I can get by in French too. Mathematics is my jam—I'm currently studying it on university, with dreams of becoming a teacher someday. Right now, I'm soaking up all the experiences Prague has to offer on my second Erasmus adventure.

Before coming to Prague, I have been babysitting already in Portugal, looking after my family's children as well as kids from other families. There's something special about caring for kids, sharing laughs, and watching them grow—it just fills my heart with joy.

About me? I'm a bundle of positivity, always careful and friendly, with a dash of resilience and a thirst for adventure. I'm here to lend a hand, make your life a bit easier, and join your family's journey with open arms.

If you're on the lookout for someone to watch over your little ones and bring a little extra happiness into your home, as Susie for me :).