About Tim

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my profile! My name is Temirlan but people also call me Tim. 

I'm a youthful yet seasoned professional at the age of 19. My experience belies my years, as I bring a collaborative spirit to every team I join.  Respect is a cornerstone of my professional ethos, to ensure that politeness and courtesy are extended to all.

Regardless of my young age, I have experience in many areas including childcare. Despite the deep general misconception that men are bad at watching and caring for children, it didn't stop me from having that experience at a young age. For many years I looked after and cared for the children of my neighbors. 

At first, I occasionally looked after the children of a family who lived across the street. At first just occasionally, later regularly. But my greatest experience is in personal tutoring. I taught children of various ages math which I am happy to teach your children too in a fun way.

I can however also do with your kids all the usual fun stuff. Take them to playgrounds or after-school clubs, and play games indoors, but I am also able to cook dinner for them and make them ready for bedtime. 

I like to see how a person is shaped: their views, hobbies, weaknesses and strengths. I see the beauty of human nature in this. I like to help them grow as a person and become the person they dream of being. It is every adult's dream to preserve children's kindness and innocence in a person, but at the same time to prepare them for life. And even though it sounds utopian, I want to help realize it. 

I can speak English & Russian fluently, I can understand Czech by about 80% ( I have B2 certificate in Czech) and my native language is Kyrgyz/Turkish. 

Looking forward to meeting you,