About Denisa

Hello dear parents,

my name is Denisa and I am 29 years old. I have both professional and personal experience with children from newborn babies up to teenage age. 

I am a qualified and certified preschool teacher with several years of practice in kindergarten (nursery schools) as well as institutions with older children (school-age and teenagers).

I am now also a mum of a 4-year-old son, but as we have shared custody of him with my ex-husband, I have him only every odd week. So in the other weeks, I am available for babysittings without him, and in the weeks when he is with me, I could only come if you didn't mind me taking your child with me or play with him/her outside ( at a playground, park... ) together with my son. My son is very friendly and kind and children always enjoy spending time with us. 

I consider myself a very active person in life, always trying to stay positive and look at the bright side of life. 

In my free time I like swimming, music, dancing, meeting new people and culture, I enjoy trying new sports and activities.  

I am looking forward to meeting you!