About Julia

Dear Family,

My name is Julia, I am 27 years old and I am half Polish half Ecuadorian. I have finished both Bachelor and Master degree in economy subjects, later worked in an office in administration positions, but then I found out that office job is not for me.  

Last year (2022) I got an opportunity to look after two boys (3 and 6 years old) and also about one small baby boy (12 months old) and I was suprised myself how much I enjoyed it. This is why I decided not to come back to an office job but instead to work as a private nanny. 

In my first assignment with Susie's I was working as a full time nanny for a family with 2 children. When I started there the baby was 4 months old and the older child was 3 year old.

Currently I am babysitting for 3 different families (with 2 year old, 1 year old and 9 years old child), but all of them are just part time jobs for the afternoons.

I would be happy to find one more family, where I could work in the mornings, up to 2pm, ideally every working day, so in total I can make a full time living from childcare.

I really do like spending time with children, teaching them about various things which interest them, playing together, going for walks, or even help with their homeworks. I have now experience as well in hanging diapers, bathing, dressing, and feeding of small children above 1 year old. 

I speak fluent Polish, fluent English and Spanish, elementary French, and a tiny bit of German and Dutch.

I am the eldest child in my family and since I was a teenager, helping in taking care of my sister (11 years younger) came as natural to me, which I now believe, looking back, was one of the reasons why I now enjoy looking after small children. My sister even calls me her second mother sometimes :)).

I consider myself as a very calm, responsible, diligent person, but also fun, playful, and creative and I know how to make children laugh. My sister is autistic so I also do have experience and knowledge about children with certain disabilities. 

Additionally, as I just like the topic of children's development in general, I do actively search and read various books about children's psychology nd their development 

I would be more than happy to take care of your children and I am already looking forward to meeting you.

Kind regards,

Julia Andino Velez