About Marie Mc.

Marie is mature and very experienced child care professional who can definitely bring added value to your children while looking after them. 

Marie is working as a leading teacher in an international Montessori preschool (teaching in English language), where she has been for last several years. Marie has already teenage daughter (on the picture on the left) , and so in her free time she likes to earn some extra money by babysitting as children are her lifetime passion. 

Marie has pedagogical education, years of teaching practice in Montessori settings and fluent English and Czech language skills. She has also very good understanding of american culture as her husband is from the USA. 

I am recommending Marie also from personal perspective as we studied together on the same pedagogical school and I was lucky to get know Marie's personal qualities and her lovely and pro-active way of working with children and I can honestly say she is a professional on the right place!