About Petra Š.

Dear parents,

my name is Petra and I am 27 years old. 

I am a qualified Pediatric Nurse with a bachelor's degree in Nursing. Currently, I am working as a pediatric nurse with children of all ages. 

I have loads of experience with children of various ages. I even have a lot of experience with small babies and toddlers thanks to my practice in the hospital. It means I am experienced with practical tasks such as nappy changing, bottle feeding or bathing. 

In addition, thanks to my studies, I have a practical exam in children´s first aid. I began my childcare experience before I started studying to be a pediatric nurse while I helped my older sister with my nephew (now 2 years old) and niece (6 years old) since their birth. :)

I am able to help with ad- hoc babysitting in the evenings or weekends and sometimes also during the day.

In my free time I like sports so I am very active everyday. I like running, fitness, skating, winter sports, swimming and more! I also like travelling, spending time in nature and reading books.

As an animal lover I can offer you also pet-sitting.

I consider myself as a caring, friendly and always smiling person! I love working with children because they are so honest and I think their love is the most precious thing in the world.

I am looking forward to meet you.

Best regards,