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Until 2015, Susie's was just one person operaration. All of the babysitting was done by me - Susie only. Because I have started receiving more requests than I could do by myselfs, I decided to start cooperate with other babysitters, so together as a team we could help more families. I care very much of high reputation of our little business and I coopeate with only the most reliable, caring and friendly babysitter to whom I am not affraid to leave my own daughter too. You can see also in my reviews, how happy previous families were with me and other babysitters.

Susie's Babysitters

Maruška is enthusiastic Montessori preschool teacher with passion for children, who also devotes her free time to ocasional babysitting. She has many years of professional practice, pedagogical education and she is also a loving mother herself. With Maruska you can rest assured your children are in safe hands.


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