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Susie and her team

how it all started

Until 2015, Susie's babysitting was operated only by one person. All of the babysitting was done by me - Susie. Because I have quickly started receiving more requests than I could do by myself, I decided to start cooperate with other babysitters, so together as a team we could help more families. 

I care very much of high reputation of our little business and I cooperate only with the most reliable, caring and friendly babysitter to whom I am not afraid to leave my own children too. See also my reviews, how happy previous families were with me and other babysitters.

Susie's team


Junior babysitter 

Eliška is a college student and Susie's niece, who has looked after Susie's own children since they were babies (now aged 2 and 4 years old) and recently (spring 2022) also started doing babysitting for international families. She has also experience as a children's summer camp team leader and is used to looking after younger children at home since she is the oldest from 3 siblings.

Languages: intermediate English and French, native Czech.

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