About Lenka

Lenka is an experienced nanny with a full pedagogical education.

In the past she worked as a governess for the 1st grade of elementary school and also as a nanny for family in Paris (France) and Vancouver (Canada).

She has finished her college in Preschool education in the late 80's, worked one year in education, but later her love for photography took her different pathway and she spent many years as a journalistic photographer. However in last couple of years she decided she doesn't want to be part of the journalism industry, for personal reasons.

So she came back to her original profession and started working again with children.

Currently she is caring about 9 years old boy daily, every other week, about one 10 years old boy on ad-hoc basis and she is available for babysitting in her other free week or in the evenings.

Lenka lives at Prague 6 Bořislavka, but can drive across Prague if necessary.

Languages: fluent English, native Czech and beginner Russian.