Early Years Education in your home

Brain developing sessions

for children 1 to 5 years old

Inspired by the British Early Years curriculum & M. Montessori

Introduce your children to a world of learning through meticulously designed play sessions, inspired by Montessori philosophy and tailored by Susie - an experienced preschool educator, trained in the UK in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

In our sessions, you'll see a skilled teacher interact with your toddler or preschooler demonstrating educational play fundamentals. 

Experience the power of personalized learning with our home-based play sessions, guided by expert preschool educators.

We know that, as a mum, your child's happiness and development are your top priorities, and that is why we are committed to providing a supportive and interactive environment for your child to learn and in educational, yet playful way.

Our brain-developing sessions are individually designed for your child and their current needs, allowing you to maximize their growth and unleash their full potential in a safe and familiar environment.

During this session: 

  • Your child will engage in various didactic activities, each targeting different aspects of their cognitive development. 
  • Susie's approach is mainly formed by the British Early Years curriculum in which she was trained at, combined with selected Montessori aids.

  • The areas of learning on which is given focus are:
  • communication and language
  • personal, social and emotional development
  • physical development
  • literacy
  • mathematics
  • understanding the world
  • expressive arts and design

  • Susie will guide you through the activities, helping you incorporate them into your parent-child play, while also highlighting the specific areas of your child's learning that are being developed.
  • Your child will receive one Montessori aid (activity) from us as a gift.
  • You will be shown many online resources to use, which will help you to create your DIY developmental activities of all kinds if wanted. 

The session will take place in your home and can last from 45 min to 90 min, depending in your needs. 

It can be also combined with home babysitting (free play) followed after the tutoring session, in case you would like to use this time for yourself.

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