Frequently asked questions

1. How do you check your babysitters?

All Susie's babysitters have to pass through the screening process:

1. Pass through Susie's careful selection, followed by personal interview and trial in childcare. Only those babysitters in whose care Susie would feel good about putting her own children in do pass through this step.

2. Then a new babysitter has to give at least two reference contact where they worked with children before and Susie always check their validity.

3. Susie checks each new babyistters ID and their criminal record that is clear.

4. Susie then repeatedly keeps checking her babysitters performance through parent's feedback. If a babysitter doesn't stand up by Susie's standards,  the cooperation with her is ended 

2. How do I pay?

The booking fee: To book and reserve your babysitting date, you will need to pay a one-off booking fee. This can be paid either by:


  • BY BANK TRANSFER (we also accept REVOLUT transfers)

For the babysitting hours: To pay to the babysitter for the worked hours:

  • BY CASH (on the end of EACH day of the babysitting)


  •   BANK TRANSFER (in advance to her bank account)

3. Is there a minimum time for which I can book babysitter?


The minimum booking for

  • Babysitting is always 3 hours
  • Baby-care (infants younger then 3 months) is always 2 hours

4. Will I have to pay a taxi for the babysitter?

If the babysitter leaves your place after 22:00, we kindly ask to pay the taxi (or order her Uber or Bolt etc. from your phone) to her home, unless she has own car (at that point she will charge you only for the cost of her petrol used).

The maximum contribution towards taxi home is 300 Kč, but usually around 200 Kč.