About Karolina P.

Dear parents,

let me introduce myslef. My name is Karolina and I´m 35 years old. I have a Master´s degree at Information studies and Librarianship and at this moment I work at the Library of Academy of Sciences. I´m doing babysitting as my hobby, I really like to be surrounded by children. I´ve been doing babysitting for more than 10 years in various backgrounds. Mostly in foreign families but Czech as well. I have experience mainly with little kids (from newborns to 3-5 years old) but also with a 9 year old boy. Among the families where I´ve been working belonged British, French, Spanish, Italian and Czech and I was happy to become part of their lives. For more than one year I lived in Italy where I´ve been working at the university but I also did some babysitting there in my free time. I believe that I gained experience in multicultural background and I love to learn about various cultures.

At this moment I look after of twins (3 years old) and I have full-time job thus I´m available in the evenings/late nights during working days and whole weekends when I would be happy to help you with your little ones.

I´m Czech native speaker, I can fluently speak English, little of French and I understand very basics of Italian and Spanish.

When I look after children I usualy like take them out for a walk, to the playground or some activities like children theatre and so on. If we spend time at home we like to play games, drawing, singing or reading books.

I´m happy owner of two dogs and in my free time I love to spend time with them in park for long-hour walks. I also like traveling, discovering new places and cultures and reading.

I am babysitting for Susie since spring 2016 and since then working for various families acros Prague.