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About Susie

How it all started

Until 2015, Susie's babysitting was operated only by one person. All of the babysitting was done by me - Susie. Because I have quickly started receiving more requests than I could do by myself, I decided to start cooperate with other babysitters, so together as a team we could help more families. For some years I was still babysitting as well as organising jobs for other babysitters and nannies, but since 2018, when I became mum myself, I now mainly focus on arranging babysitting for others.

I care very much of high reputation of our little business and I cooperate only with the most reliable, caring and friendly babysitter to whom I am not afraid to leave my own children too. See also my reviews, how happy other families were with me and my other babysitters.

Who is Susie?

My name is Zuzana, but all children call me Susie.

I am the founder of Susie's - helping you with your children since 2014 until now.

Currently I am happy mum, enjoying being on maternity leave with my two children (2 and 4 year old), and managing Susie's Babysitting when my children let me :D.

I have now 15 years of experience with children - from teaching them in nursery school, working as a babysitter or professional nanny myself. to managing Susie's and helping families to find their own babysitter. 

I have pedagogical education from United Kingdom as well as from the Czech Republic. I have worked in preschools, creches, after-school clubs and worked as a nanny for families in England, Austria and the Czech Republic. 

I lived 7 years in Englad where I worked as a Nursery Nurse (preschool teacher) in various nursery and primary schools. I also worked with small babies in crèches, different children clubs and later managed an after-school club in a primary school and England . 

Later I worked two winter seasons as a holiday nanny in Austrian ski resort (Lech am Arberg), where I had to get used to new children every week (while parents were skiing), and in some cases every day. 

After moving back to the Czech Republic I then worked in Parklane International School in a Nursery class and while working there I decided to start my own babysitting agency and run Susie's since then.

My qualifications (mostly gained in the United Kingdom):

  • Ba (Hons) in English as Foreign Language (Leeds Met University)
  • BTEC National Diploma in Early Years - Level 3. (This is a British childcare qualification for Nursery Nurses to work in nursery and primary schools).
  • Classroom Assistant Certificate (for Primary schools)
  • TEFL (Teaching English as Foreign Language) Certificate
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Other certificates from trainings related to childcare
  • Czech diploma in preschool pedagogy (Předškolní a mimoškolní pedagogika- Maturitní obor).

My personality:

I consider myself as caring, responsible and friendly person. I have never had a problem to start a new relationship with adults or children and I think I am open-minded and flexible.

Children often said about me that I can be strict but definitely also fun. In my past jobs I have been able to gain children's respect and manage well their behaviour by positive motivation as well as set rules which I adapted to the age, ability and personality of the children. I am person with great deal of respect for other people, their opinions and values and I teach children to not just respect but celebrate the differences among us. I understand each child is unique and always try to work in close partnership with parents to ensure I can provide an individual approach, best suited to your child.

How do I work:

When I work with children, I put them in the centre of my world to make sure I don't become just their carer but their friend too.

I like being with children because they make me feel as my work really matters and I love the feeling of children's excitement when I spent quality time with them. I like teaching children new things and doing fun creative activities.

Usually I am fully flexible to the family's needs and I always try to go the extra mile to make sure both children and their parents are happy. 

I am looking forward to hearing from you,
Yours Susie