Are you planning to visit Prague and stay in a hotel with your family?

Do you want to have a romantic dinner or explore the city without worrying about your little ones? 

Look no further because we have the perfect solution for you: professional babysitting service with nannies who specialise in short-term & one-off childcare ! 

We provide: 

  • Day babysitting (in your hotel or taking children out to explore the city)
  • Evening babysitting (in your hotel or rented Airbnb apartment)
  • Overnight babysitting & Night nannies (if you want to enjoy a long night out, or if you have a small baby and you just need a full night sleep)

Book your hotel babysitting asap before your arrival to Prague!

As we have only a limited team of hotel babysitters, please book your babysitting service in advance to avoid disappointment with us not having any availability left. We will get back to you usually within 24-48 hours Mon-Fri. 

Our pricing is competitive and flexible to fit your needs. We offer both starter packages and hourly rates for additional hours.

Don't let the stress of finding a reliable childcare hold you back from enjoying your time in Prague. Get in touch with us today to book one of our experienced and fully insured babysitters and experience the peace of mind that comes with a service you can trust.

Hotel & Airbnb babysitting 

The minimum package includes 3 hours of babysitting for up to 2 children and liability insurance. 

  • The price is 1350 CZK (including 3h)
  • Every additional hour is charged + 350 CZK/h.  

  • If you have 3 or 4 children, please also add +50 CZK/h for the third or fourth child.

  • If you are booking an evening service and your babysitter leaves after 22.00, we kindly ask that you also provide her with the taxifare to get her home safely. 


Any question? Let's get in touch!