Price list             

If you need a regular and long-term nanny, please see our Nanny Placement service instead.

  • The minimum booking is always 3 hours, thus our minimum packages below
  • Any booking made through us also includes liability insurance for your peace of mind.

Occasional and Temporary Babysitting & Day Childcare

"Regular" Babysitting & Home Childcare

  • Childcare in the child's permanent home by our regular babysitter 
  • Suitable for children from 3 years old for daytime child care or toddlers from 1 year old for evening babysitting
  • Regular babysitters are usually students or people who love children and do babysitting as their extra additional job in their free time.**
  • Within this price range can be also booked a person with higher seniority, subject to the babysitter agreeing with the pay rate.

The first three hours cost 1090 Kč 
Every additional hour is charged +300 Kč/h (for up to 2 children) 

"Senior" Babysitting & Home Childcare

  • Childcare in the child's permanent home by our SENIOR STAFF
  • Suitable for all children & infants aged 3 months or older
  • Senior nannies and babysitters usually have extensive childcare experience, and often have also pedagogical or medical education/ training. **
The first three hours cost 1290 Kč 
Every additional hour is charged +350 Kč/h (for up to 2 children) 

** (The level of seniority is not decided by the age of the nanny but more by the skills, years of experience, and education she has).

"Specialist" Childcare & "Hotel babystting"

  • Specialized baby care for the smallest infants (new-borns & up to 3 months old)
  • or 
  • Babysitting in hotels and rented apartments in Prague
  • This type of babysitting is assigned only to our specialized staff who are either:

  1. Senior level of Childcare Specialist, Qualified Nurse, experienced with the care of infants (new-borns) up to 3 months olds.
  2. Speaking a number of foreign languages.
  3. Experienced with working with families from various cultures and can adapt to new families very quickly (useful for Hotel and Airbnb babysitting)

The first three hours are charged as 1390 Kč
Every additional hour is charged +390 Kč/h (for up to 2 children)

Extra charges


Addition to hourly rate for 3rd or 4th child (applies only if you have more than 2 children)

+ 50 Kč/hour


Applicable if the babysitter is leaving to home after 21:00, 

Max 300 

Babysitting outside of Prague city

Additional charge to compensate babysitter's travel time and travel cost.

Negotiable price

Last-minute booking fee (48)

An express booking fee (one-off) for bookings made less than 48 hours prior to the babysitting


Ultra-last-minute booking fee (24)

An express booking fee (one-off) for bookings made less than 24 hours prior to the babysitting


Cancelation Policy:

Cancelations are subject to the following cancelations fees if they are canceled less then:

  • more than 3 days prior to booked date = FREE
  • less than 3 days but more than 48 hours = 450 CZK
  • less than 48 hours but more than 24 hours = 550 CZK
  • less than 24 hours = 990 CZK 

Our Specialized Services

Nanny placement service

  • We will find your long-term nanny as per your requirements, and you will then pay her salary directly to her.
  • with a two-month guarantee that we will find you a replacement for free if you are not happy with her, and 
  • with the option of having from us emergency nanny in the times of illness of your regular nanny.
  • Introduction fee starts from 19,900 Kč.

Night/ Overnight nanny package

Would you like to go out for full night or have a specialised maternity nanny to look after your newborn baby, so you can get your much needed sleep the whole night?

We offer a set price for a babysitter or a maternity nanny looking after your child for the whole night 

  • Prices range from 1900 - 2900 Kč per night (21:00 to 07:00)  

Mobile Crèche/ Play Area 

Are you organizing a conference or any social event and would you like a fully staffed creche/kids corner or even mobile nursery room provided exactly as per your needs?

We have all kinds of toys and furniture to equip your mobile creche as well as qualified and experienced nannies ready!

Check below as we have several successful events already behind us!

  • Prices are individual, based on your needs.

Parenting Support and  Counselling 

If you are a new parent and feel lost in your new role, or just perhaps you going through some difficult period of time with your child, don't hesitate to ask for help. Susie is offering personal support to help you either in your home, meeting in neutral place as your favourite café or video-call online consultaion. 

  • The prices start at  600 Kč per hour
  • Click for more information

Piece of mind

All our babysitters are covered by our Liability insurance which we hold with Generali Insurance Group, which covers you for:
  • Common injuries that may occur during babysitting 
  • Damage caused on your home belongings, caused by accident by you child or the babysitter during the babysitting
  • A daily compensation for the period of necessary treatment of the injury of the child. (including loss of income of the parent, due to caring for the child at home).
  • The maximum limit is set up to 5,000,000 CZK

The full details of our liability insurance can be sent to you upon request!