Child care - Price list                            

Prices for irregular /one-off childcare

Prices are for one child

Per hour 

Each additional child is extra 40 Kč/h

Junior babysitter

Young college students (18 or 19 years old)

Kč 200

Regular  babysitter

Kč 250

Senior babysitter

Babysitter who has extensive amount of childcare experience.

Kč 280

Childcare Professional

One of the following:
  • Qualified Nanny / Baby nurse
  • Certified preschool teachers
  • Other professionals with pedagogical training 


Long term babysitting

Please contact me for an individual quote for the arrangment of long term babysitting

One-off introduction fee

Additional charges


Each additional child

+ 40 Kč/hour


Applicable if the babysitter is leaving to home after 21:00, 

Max 300

Babysitting outside of Prague 

Additional charge to compensate babysitter's travel time and travel cost.

Negotiable price

Night childcare package (11 hours)

Set price for a whole night (20:00 to 07:00) considering that babysitter have a place to take a nap close to the child, when the child is also sleeping. It can be even couch in a living room or a mattrace on a floor.

Hours outside this time window will be charged by standard hourly rate,    

Per night

  • Whole-night childcare for children over 1 year old.


  • Whole-night childcare by professional nanny where night feeding and soft care for a small baby is needed.