Book and pay babysitting online

PLEASE NOTE!: Reservio system is set only for 3 hours packages as this is our minimum booking and it also includes our agency fee. 

  • For any additional hours please pay it on the end of the day - in cash to the babysitter (or contact us for paying through either wire transfer, Paypal transfer or Revolut transfer).

A step by step guide, for the online booking

to help you with the buttones which are unfortunately only in Czech

  • Click the blue rectangle "Rezervovat termín"

Click the booking (blue rectangle)
Click the booking (blue rectangle)
  • Choose the service you like to book ("Zvolte službu"
Choose the service
Choose the service

  • Choose the name of the babysitter you want to book ("Zvolte zaměstnance") . If you overlook/ leave this step, the system will book any available babysitter for you randomly.

Choose a name of babysitter
Choose a name of babysitter
  • Choose the start time. The "until" time will be filled automatically for 3 hours. 
  • You can write in the NOTE field your estimated time of your arrival. If you end up using the babysitter for longer than 3 hours, you can pay her the rest of hours in cash on the end.

  • Finally, fill in your email and answer the required questions about you
  • and add any other details for the nanny if you want.

  • Confirm and Pay online for your booking (click "Rezervovat a zaplatit").

  • Your assigned babysitter will contact you shortly (within 24 hours but usually sooner) to connect with you prior to the babysitting service.

Cancelation Policy:

If you will need to cancel your confirmed babysitting, the following cancellation policy applies:  

  • Cancelation made more than 7 days prior to booked date: No cancelation fee (free)
  • Cancelation made less than 7 days but more than 48 hours prior to booked date: 450 CZK cancelation fee for the day
  • Cancelation made less than 48 hours prior to the booked date: 900 CZK cancelation fee for the day