Occasional Babysitting Service

We understand the importance of finding a trustworthy babysitter as an expat living in a foreign country. 

That's why our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service and communication to ensure you feel comfortable leaving your children in our care.

We can provide: 

  • Daytime individual childcare in your homes
  • Evening babysitting
  • Overnight or Night nannies 
  • Children's mobile play areas for any social event

Book your one-off babysitting service right now

In our babysitters profiles your can look for your prefered babysitter and then get in touch with us through the booking form below. We will get back to you usually within 24 hours Mon-Fri.


Our pricing is competitive and flexible to fit your needs. We offer basic basic packages as well as hourly rates for additional hours.

Don't let the stress of finding a babysitter hold you back from enjoying the time for yourself you need. Get in touch with us today to book your first babysitter and experience the peace of mind that comes with reliable childcare.

Repetitive babysitting:

  • Starting from 250 Kč/h (Minimum is 1 day a week, 4x a month)

Occasional Home babysitting (One-off)

  • Minimum babysitting booking is 3 hours and the price start at 950 Kč
  • Every additional hour is charged + 250 Kč/h

Occasional Home Babysitting Premium (One-off) - by our senior and specialized staff

  • Minimum babysitting booking is 3 hours and the price starts at 1190 Kč
  • Every additional hour is charged +300 Kč/h

I cannot recommend Susie's in-home babysitting enough!! I'm so glad people left positive reviews, so I feel compelled to do the same to help others. Susie does background checks and keeps profiles of her babysitters on her website. Our babysitter, Diana, was so professional, but also very warm and kind. She instantly connected with our toddler and sent me updates throughout the evening. The process was seamless and we will definitely use Susie's services again!

C. Kopus

Mum of a toddler, Ex-pat living in Prague

Susie is a breath of fresh air. I gave her less than 24 hours' notice and she showed up right on time. She jumped through hoops just to make it happen and showed up to watch my 2-year-old for less than 2 hours while I was in the dentist's chair. If you are fed with the cold and rude mindset of others here you will Love Susie. As an American who is demanding when it comes to my boys, Susie was above and beyond my requirements and expectations. Thank you, Susie, you helped me when I needed it most. Shalom.


Dad of a toddler, US Ex-pat living in Prague

When we were just 3 weeks living in foreign country I found Susie's Babysitting service while I was looking for a babysitter. Because its professional service and really reliable babysitter, we continue using the service again and again throughout our 3 years there. We love the service and most importantly our kids love them.."

Nurmiza Zakaria

Mum of 3 children, Ambassador from Malaysia living in Prague

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