About Linda


my name is Linda, I am 21 years old and I come from Prague. I am studying medicine, specifically dentistry, and I would like to focus on children's clientele one day. I love sports and music, I also like to travel and cook.

As for foreign languages, I am fluent in French. I lived in Belgium for 3 years and then went to a French grammar school in Prague. Since French has always been my first foreign language, I'm a bit worse at English, but I can get along.

I have a brother who is 11 years younger, whom I helped take care of a lot since he was born. In the summer I have been working at suburban children's camps for several years, which also gave me loads of childcare experience.

in the past few months I have helped Susie to look after her 2 years old son on several occasions and we had always lots of fun together. Now I am doing ad-hoc babysitting as well as offering regular childcare few hours a week.

I have a very positive relationship with children, being smiling and communicative. I am definitely more friendly than authoritative, but when I need children to follow some rules, I can negotiate with them.

I am quite creative in coming up with games, and since I have a very wide range of interests from sports to music,

It is not a problem for me to come up with entertainment for the child according to his own interests, so that he does not get bored.

As I also like to cook, I can also cook for picky and demanding diners if necessary. :-)

Looking forward to meeting you,