Full-time Nanny positions

Current full-time roles for which we now recruit qualified nannies:

1) Prague 6 - Šárecké Údolí, from ASAP

5 days a week, 1 child, RUSSIAN speaking nanny


  • 45 hours a week
  • Mon- Fri - 8 am - 5 pm 


  • cca 50,000 Kč a month (on IČO)


  • Looking after a 2-year-old girl
  • Nanny should speak very well Russian 
  • Ideally, the nanny had a pedagogical or medical background - but this is only preferred, not necessary.
  • The nanny must be experienced in childcare and take a sole role in the care of the girl during working hours, she should be able to come up with exciting games and activities for this age group and be happy to read a lot to the child and generally promote his language development by active talking (not just "watching him").
  • The family would like the ask that the nanny does not use her phone when the child is around and not in the child trolley/child seat, 
  • She should be happy to do the (child's only) laundry and iron the child's clothes, and take care (tidy up) of all of the toys, clothes, shoes, trolley, etc. of the child.
  • Regards the lunches, the nanny should be able to cook simple healthy meals (primarily soups) for the child, but ingredients will be always prepared by the mum so it will be very easy cooking.


  • English / Russian bilingual family, with Czech background but lived a long time abroad
  • The family has in total 3 children but the two older do go to school until 15:30 and then their mum takes care of them so the nanny would really look after just the 2-year-old girl.
  • The family lives in Prague 6 - Šárecké Údolí, in a house with a garden, and there is charming countryside all around there, ideal for long walks and time in nature. 
  • There is a bus stop just by the house of the family (called Kalinův mlýn) - connection from Praha 6 Dejvice.

2) Prague 2- Vinohrady/ Řitka u Prahy, from ASAP

5 days a week, 2 children, CZECH speaking nanny only


This position can be shared by two nannies if wanted:

  • cca 42,5 hours a week
  • from  12:00 - 20:00 Mon- Fri (or if shared by two nannies: either each nanny having 2 / 3 full days or splitting each day for early afternoon and later afternoon & evening shift)!!
  • To be negotiated upon the nanny's experience


  • A Czech native speaker who also speak at least some communicative English
  • A driver (bonus would be also if she has her own car)
  • Someone with hands-on experience with babies from 6 months up!

  • Nanny would look after 6 months old baby girl (very easygoing baby) from 12:00 am and from 15:30 she would also pick up from nursery her 3 y.o. sister.
  • Nanny should spend some time with the children outside on the playground and walks, but to be able to also find engaging activities for the 3-year-old to play at home.
  • At around 18:30 father of the girls would join the nanny and nanny would help to the father with the evening routine (each adult having one child to look after) to put the children to bed.


  • Mum is Australian, works from home but has long working hours (works for USA company- US working hours)
  • Dad is Czech and will be working outside of home.
  • They live at Vinohrady but have also a house at village Řitka, where the nanny should be also ok to come at times when weather is good.
  • The family goes cca twice a year to visit relatives to Australia for few weeks. At this point the nanny could get (if the family really like her) a paid time-off and takes her holiday.